What some of our participants have said...

"I found Helen's expert knowledge and infectious positive outlook a real God-send and breath of fresh air. She speaks (and teaches) from experience; her own story is rather remarkable and proof that lives can be turned around no matter what state they are in. I found her teaching on personality types a real eye-opener and began to understand why we act the way we do, and how not to fall into traps which take us further away from a positive happy life. 

The 'Life skills' courses are a brilliant insight into how to make positive changes in life; they really do work!"

"The Beauty for Ashes course helps you to focus on yourself and your journey in a positive way no matter how horrific your past has been! Also through reflection and with the support of Helen, Beauty for Ashes helps you move forward in a positive light with the opportunity to love and like yourself and learn from your past instead of repeating old patterns! I’ve put some of these teachings into practice already.  Amazing!!! I wish the course was available when I was younger and a refresher would be nice." 

“Beauty for Ashes has helped me gain skills to overcome repetitive behaviour patterns and enabled me to move forward and gain coping skills and would love to come on another course.” 

“Beauty for Ashes course has helped me and my family to gain courage, confidence, and understanding in the information being shared and how to take back control of my life.” 

“Beauty for Ashes course is very encouraging and uses encouraging words like “Think positive” which has helped me to gain a better control of my life and I would like to attend again if possible?”  

“Helen’s story and environmental triggers which impacted on her life was the same / similar to mine. Helen has taught me more about myself in one session than any psychiatrist I have met."

 "I initially attended Beauty for Ashes to see whether it would be useful for clients I work with, but I'm fully participating because the material is excellent and having a positive impact on me"  (Manager in Probation Services)

"To put it simply, this course saved the rest of my life in the sense that it helped me to realise I am in control of my life and the way I lead it.


You may wonder what the point of this course is and I did at first, but throughout the first session of listening to Helen’s story, I quickly began to look at my own life and the events that had happened which led up to a period of severe stress, anxiety and depression. I am so grateful to have lived a good life with very loving family and friends, but that doesn’t mean you don’t come across difficulties and Helen helped me to realise that even the smallest comment or event will have had a massive impact on the way I am feeling. In order to move forward, you have to go backwards and identify why you are feeling the way you do. This course not only helps you to do this, but it also helps you to put you in the right sense of mind and gives you the tools to more confidently take things forward in the direction you want them to go in. It might take some time, but you’ll feel more empowered to do it.


Nobody needs to be alone or go in directions they don’t want to. Everyone has the power within them to take their life in whichever direction they want to and this course will really help you to do this."


"The Beauty for Ashes course is helping  me learn new skills to help overcome my current and past problems I face in everyday life."


"This course has provided me with knowledge to look at my attitudes, behavior and aspirations."


"A brilliant course, I am looking forward to the enhanced group."


"I really enjoyed it, it was very useful."


"Beauty for Ashes course has really helped my confidence,  coming to the next course."


"The Beauty for Ashes course is very helpful for my anxiety and trauma I have suffered for 10 years."



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